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Who Is The Security Guard To Upset Britney?

A security guard working in a multinational company now feels blessed. He was dismissed due to his carelessness and now is hired by Britney.

Surely business needs conducive situation, and therefore safety should be taken into consideration. But this security guard fell asleep at his post the night when a thief sneaked into the office room and stole all priceless documents. The CCTV there had recorded this. Fortunately, Britney never asked him about this fatal mistake when he was introduced to her.

You bet, those looking for a job for this position are in line as Britney needs few other trustful security guards to protect her and family. Anyway, remember the theme of this blog? No Ms. Spears included in this story. The rich lady highly needs some conducive personality. Strong mentally and spiritually.

britney security guard
A couple of men were needed to protect her business. Their job includes fighting against intruders and protecting a sacred spiritual document from theft and threat. And now that this security guard is "saved" by Britney, he feels secured and blessed.

But this man who is hoped to be a tough faithful security guard, starts doing his habit. And Britney is terrible upset. She loses her bracelet and the CCTV recorded what happened, The burglars sneaked freely after they have tied up this lazy man and stole the gem.

Now that this security guard got sacked by Britney, he can only cry, "I'm not a boy, not yet a man."

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